Giving a Helping Hand to Individuals and Families Struggling Against Serious Mental Illness in Our Community

There are approximately 10 million people living in the United States who have a serious mental illness. At least 40% are going untreated. Thousands are homeless or imprisoned. In Patrick Kennedy’s words,

“What we did was, we only moved people out of the old asylums and into the new asylums: our jails and prisons. The real indictment in our country is on us…that we in this brilliant country of ours have not figured out a better way to treat and help people with mental illness, other than to lock them up.”

We believe a better migration of care is possible, one that moves toward a life with dignity for some our most vulnerable neighbors while promoting safe communities for everyone. At P82 Project Restoration our goal is to connect families and individuals with significant mental health needs to the community through:

·      Community Partnerships

·      Advocacy Support

·      Crisis Care Team Training

·      Prayer Support

Please consider joining us on this journey toward better treatment, support, and connections to our community. Help is the bridge to hope and that begins with all of us. 

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