Crisis Care Team (CCT) Training Background:

In 2014 the Town of Gilbert, Arizona conducted a Human Services Needs Assessment by the Williams Institute. The results of that report ranked the top 9 groups based on criticality of need as follows:

1.       Families (and individuals) in crisis

2.       Mental health and substance abuse treatment services

3.       Low/moderate income individuals and families

4.       Elderly/seniors

5.       Homeless individuals and families

6.       Special needs individuals

7.       Youth

8.       Immigrants

9.       Culturally diverse individuals and families

In response to this report and because of their commitment to the community, the Town of Gilbert and the Honorable John Lewis created the Behavioral Health and Substance Use Task Force, October 2015. Comprised of leaders in Government, Education, Business, Medical, and Faith Sectors, they were tasked with identifying community resources and gaps related to Mental Health Services. The result was the development of a Crisis Care Team template for Faith Groups.  According to Rev. Jon McHatton, Task Force Chairman,

 “The goals of this Crisis Care Team effort are to remove the stigma, bringing holistic support around the family, help them assess, plan, and implement a holistic solution for the one who needs care as well as the caregiver.”

In January 2017, the Mayor’s Task Force transitioned into what is now the East Valley Behavioral Health Coalition. This community led coalition is committed to supporting the continued effort of Crisis Care Team training as this aligns with their mission of, “Building a community around families, adults, and youth providing resource connections to help and heal.” As a member of this Coalition, P82 Project Restoration agreed to accept the responsibility of further development and implementation of this important work.