Giving a Helping Hand to Individuals and Families Struggling Against Serious Mental Illness in Our Community

There are approximately 10 million people living in the United States who have a serious mental illness.   At least 40% are going untreated. Thousands are homeless or imprisoned. 

“What we did was, we only moved people out of the old asylums and into the new asylums: our jails and prisons. The real indictment in our country is on us…that we in this brilliant country of ours have not figured out a better way to treat and help people with mental illness, other than to lock them up.”
— Patrick Kennedy

We believe a better migration of care is possible, one that moves toward a life with dignity for some our most vulnerable neighbors while promoting safe communities for everyone. At P82 Project Restoration our goal is to one day open a home for men. In the meantime, we continue to vigorously support improving care for people who cannot advocate for themselves through:

·      Crisis Care Training for Faith Groups 

·      Advocacy Efforts

·      Community Partnerships

·      Prayer Support

Join the movement toward better treatment, support, and connections to our community. 

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